Glucose is a crystalline and viscose syrup, used in the production of candies, nougat, Dulce de Leche (simile Caramel), confectioners items, etc. It is produced by either acid, or enzymatic, hydrolysis of corn starch.
Its chemical composition is: 18% Dextrose, 16% Maltose, 66% High Saccharids.

Solid Contents = 80%; pH 4.2/5.2; Viscosity 140 cps; Density 1.42.
Glucose is used together with sugar in the production of candies (50%), Dulce de Leche and marmalades (10%), ice cream (10%), dairy products (10%), and bakery and cookie baking. (10%).

Its extended use results from its strongest traits which are its anti-crystallizing characteristics, its hygroscopicity, its body, texture and moisturizing elements.

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