Fructose 42

Because of its physical and chemical properties, and its sweetening power, Fructose 42 is used as a cane sugar substitute in soft drinks, juices, liquors, and in general in all industrial processes that use sugar in their liquid state.

This sweetening syrup is produced by a double enzymatic transformation process (Starch - Dextrose - Fructose).
Its carbohydrate composition is Fructose 42%, Dextrose 50%, and 8% high saccharids. Its solid content is 71%; pH= 4.3; Viscosity at 20º C= 160 cps; Density = 1.34.

Fructose 42 is a very sweet, colorless syrup, refined by ionic interchange which certifies Fructose 42's compliance with highest quality standards of nutritional products in regards with color, transparency, taste, ashes and microbiologic limits.

Uses: in carbonated drinks 20%; alcoholic beverages 10%; fruit juices 40%. An additional 30% of Fructose 42 is used in cookies, cakes, etc. where it is not only chosen due to its sweetening qualities but also because of its moisturizing feature and its uses as a texturizing agent.

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