Productos de Maíz S.A.

Productos de Maiz manufactures Fructose 42 and Fructose 55, different types of Glucose, syrup mixes, Maltose, Dextrose, regular and modified starches, adhesives, dextrines, oils and gluten in its industrial plant at Baradero, Province of Buenos Aires.

This company also markets and sells specialized products manufactured by Corn Products International and its associated companies.

Its products are raw materials for a large range of processes in many industries.

For the food industry Productos de Maiz manufactures glucose syrups, Maltose, Fructose, Dextrose and other nutritional sweeteners that are fundamental for other production processes. These items are renowned for their nutritional, sweetening and anticristallizing properties in the manufacturing of candy, jeliles, preserves, marmalades, syrups, fruits in syrup, soft drinks, ice cream, etc. In addition different types of starches are used in cookie baking and in baking in general, as also in sauces, mayonnaise's, pre-cooked foods, soups, etc.

For use in the pharmaceutical industry Productos de Maiz provides simple and modified starches for manufacturing wafers, tablets and sugar-coated pills. Anhydride Dextrose which is also manufactured by Productos de Maiz is used when making Glucose serums.

In the apparel industry Productos de Maiz provides a specially-modified starch which has unique characteristics that make it useful in the pasting weaving thread, for starching cloth and finally, for thickening prints.

In the paper industry both common and modified starches are used made for use in both the pulp and on surfaces, as well as in manufacturing adhesives for corrugated items.

Tanneries use sugar reducers and emollients also manufactured by Productos de Maiz, which has also developed a large variety of adhesives for different applications.

Gluten meal and gluten feed are used in the production of animal nutritional feed for birds and cattle.

Pure corn oil is a widely known and acknowledged.

This is of course not limited to the above mentioned Productos de Maiz prides itself in constantly feeding on new developments based on the permanent interaction between clients needs and company potential


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Glucose syrup GLOBE
Maltose syrup MORE-SWEET
Nutritive Sweeteners BISCOMALT, SUCRODEX, DEXTROSOL (mixed syrups)
Monohydrate Dextrose CERELOSE
Agglomerated dextrose UNIDEX
Corn Regular starch BUFFALO, CORAGUM
Oxidized starches CLAR-O
Cationic starches Q-TAC
Phosphate starches SNOWFLAKE
Compounds starches ALMITEX
Pregel starches AMIJEL, Q-TAC GEL
Adhesives CORAGUM
Maltodextrines MOR-REX
Sorbitol GLOBE
Manitol GLOBE
Maltitol GLOBE
Gluten feed MAZOFERM
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