Fructose 55

Fructose 55 is a syrup that is obtained through a two phase alchemy process consisting in double enzymatic transformation, and then distilling (fractioning).

The chemical composition of Fructose 55 as its name indicates is 55% Fructose, 41% Dextrose and 4% of high saccharids. 77% of its contents are solids; pH= 3.5; Density= 1.38; Viscosity at 20 ºC = 700 cps.

Fructose 55 is a very sweet and colorless syrup; its double refining process through ion-exchange lets Fructose 55 to reach outstanding conditions of purity, transparency and a practically absolute lack of microbiologic agents, nor particles in suspension.

Its main uses are in non-alcoholic beverages (90%), and in aperitifs (10%).

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