Glutal S.A.
Vuelta de Obligado 1878 - 6º C - Capital Federal
(011) 4784-3536/18/44
Fax(011) 4784 - 3536

Glutal S.A. manufactures simple and modified starches, and gluten at its industrial plant in Esperanza (Province of Santa Fe). It has been part of the agricultural industry of Argentina since the late 1940s.

GLUTAL S.A. processes special types starches according to any particular needs clients may haveof each client.

This tailor-made production program Glutal prides itself in requires the company to constantly work with state of the art industrial equipment, in an effort to be ready to manufacture products and derivatives that comply with quality levels that the markets requires.

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  Regular starch tecnical degree
  Regular starch food degree
  Regular starch farma degree
  Low viscosity modify starches
  Oxydized starches
  Cross- linked starches
  Cationic starches
  Paste adhesives
  Powder adhesives for cooking
  Powder adhesives for instant solution
  Gluten feed
  Gluten meal

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