Ardion S.A.(Ingredion Argentina S.A.)

Cazadores de Coquimbo 2860 P 1º Munro - Bs. As.
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Fax(011) 5544-8505

Ingredion Argentina specializes in producing and trading ingredients derived from corn wet milling.

Starches, syrups, dextroses, maltodextrins, glucose, caramel colors, dextrins, adhesives, functional ingredients and refined oil, among other ingredients, are supplied to several market sectors.

That is why Ingredion Argentina provides solutions adding value to its client's business.

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  Glucose syrup GLOBE
  Maltose syrup MORE-SWEET
  Nutritive Sweeteners BISCOMALT, SUCRODEX, DEXTROSOL (mixed syrups)
  Monohydrate Dextrose CERELOSE
  Agglomerated dextrose UNIDEX
  Corn Regular starch BUFFALO, CORAGUM
  Oxidized starches CLAR-O
  Cationic starches Q-TAC
  Phosphate starches SNOWFLAKE
  Compounds starches ALMITEX
  Pregel starches AMIJEL, Q-TAC GEL
  Dextrines GLOBE, ALMIDEX
  Adhesives CORAGUM
  Maltodextrines MOR-REX
  Sorbitol GLOBE
  Manitol GLOBE
  Maltitol GLOBE
  Gluten feed MAZOFERM

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