Glucovil Argentina S.A.

Paraje el Dique S/N – CP 5700 – Villa Mercedes – Provincia de San Luis
Teléfono: +54-2657-44-9000

Glucovil Argentina S.A. is a company created at the end of year 2008 from a strategic association between two leading companies with wide experience in the corn wet milling business: Ledesma and Cargill. Now, Cargill has the 100% of the company.

The manufacturing plant is located in the city of Villa Mercedes, San Luis Province, and produces foods for human and animal consumption since 1983, and from the beginning it has been managed by Ledesma until the creation of the new society.

Capital injected by Cargill totally addressed to the expansion of all production lines which has reinforced our presence in the argentinean market, as well as in the regional and international ones.

Products manufactured by Glucovil Argentina S.A. satisfy highest quality standards. Our processes are standardized and certified according to ISO 9001 regulations, and in the near future will be granted by a system recognized by the GSFI - Global Food Safety Initiative - that gives priority to innocuousness aspects. 

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  Fructose syrup
  Glucose syrup
  Mixed syrups
  Maltose syrup
  Germ flour
  Corn Germ
  Gluten feed
  Gluten meal
  Regular starches
  Modified starches

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