Molinos Semino S.A.
Corrientes 465 P 1º Capital Federal
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This company manufactures common and modified starches and vital gluten from wheat. Molinos Semino is the only producer in the sector to use wheat as a raw material.

In 1865, Marcelino Semino, an Italian immigrant that had just arrived to the Pampas, founded in the city of Rosario (Province of Santa Fe) what is now known as Molinos Juan Semino S.A., not just a milling company but the only manufacturer of wheat starch and wheat gluten in all Latin America.

Five generations of Seminos run this business from Carcarañá town (Province of Santa Fe).

Company policy has been focused on manufacturing niche products, where quality is strongly privileged. Within the wide variety of products, the company produces Gluten and Native Starch in the wet milling line.

Starch may be modified through chemical and physical processes that change its properties optimizing the raw material for different food and non-food applications.

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Native starch normal and low humidity
Sanitized starch low bacterial count
Acetil starch
Acid starch ALGOCOL
Oxidized starch M.S. 50
Cationic starch
Pregel starch
White and yellow dextrin

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